Weaving in Time


Last week I wove a rug at London Design Fair. It was my fourth time exhibiting at the fair, but my first time demonstrating, and I had a blast! It was so fun to be able to show people how my work gets made, and to talk them through the process.

But the number one question people asked was-

“How long does it take?”

And they’d always be shocked at the answer, and they’d always say “You must be so patient!”

Which is a funny thing, because I’ve never thought of it as patience.


After all, if I spend an hour answering emails, or scrolling through Instagram, the time is just gone, and I have nothing tangible to show for it.

If I spend an hour weaving, my time is right there in front of me, measured in the weft, row upon row. 

This is the magical thing about weaving- it’s a way to make time real.


Maybe its slow, maybe it requires patience, but over the hours, as you keep going, your time grows and grows, and turns into something solid, tactile, whole. 


If there’s one thing weaving has taught me, it’s that when you persevere in the small things, they build up, slowly but surely. They become something bigger, so big that you can’t believe it started so small.


And if something seems unbearably slow to people on outside, its only because they can’t see what it’s going to become.


Photos by Craig Matthews

Christabel BalfourComment