One-to-One Classes

As well as regular workshops I also teach one-to-one classes several times a month. These are suitable for both beginners and experienced weavers, and they are tailored to each student with a bespoke lesson plan. Students will get their own tapestry frame loom, weaving tools, warp thread and wool to take home with them, along with a copy of my booklet- “Tapestry Weaving: An Illustrate Guide.”

Subjects covered in one-to-one classes include:

Pictorial Designs- how to translate a design on paper onto the loom.

Texture- using soumak, rya knotting and unusual fibres to create textures and tactile surfaces.

Colour Blending- mixing similar and contrasting shades, using hatching and interlocking
to mix colours on the loom.

Refining Technique- fixing errors in your weaving technique such as tight weft,
curving selvedges, vertical slits, uneven tension and more.

Classes can be arranged with me in advance via the contact form below.
I am able to host classes on both weekdays and weekends.

Prices start at £200 for a standard 3-hour class or £350 for a full day intensive (6 hours, with a break for lunch)

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