Tapestry Weaving Illustrated Guide


Tapestry Weaving : An Illustrated Guide is 32 pages of detailed hand-drawn illustrations, with accompanying text that covers the process of tapestry weaving from start to finish. It’s an accessible summary of everything I’ve learnt in my years of being a professional tapestry weaver. It covers:

  • Types of looms and the different tools for use in tapestry.

  • How to plan your weaving, including composing your design, choosing your fibres and warp.

  • Warping your loom and beginning to weave, plus tips for keeping your selvedges straight.

  • Shape-building, interlocking and hatching and colour blending.

  • Organic and experimental styles of weaving such as free weave and deconstructing your warp.

  • Creating texture with twill, soumak and rya knotting.

  • Taking your weaving off the loom, finishing the loose ends and different ways to frame and display it.

The hard copy is printed in matt black, rendering each hand-drawn illustration in detail, and ships worldwide. The eBook is formatted in both PDF and ePub formats.



Did you illustrate the booklet yourself?
Yes! I drew all the illustrations and wrote all the text.

How much is shipping?
UK shipping costs £3, international shipping is £6. All booklets are shipped using Royal Mail and I ship worldwide.

When will my booklet arrive?
When your order has been shipped you will get a notification email. UK orders should arrive the next working day after posting, international orders should arrive in 7-10 working days.

My booklet hasn’t arrived in the quoted time, what do I do?
If your order still hasn’t arrived 20 working days after the date of your shipping notification email, please email me to let me know so we can get it sorted!

What devices is the eBook compatible with? Can I read it on my Kindle?
The eBook is available as a PDF (for Kindle and desktop computers) and as an ePub (for Apple iBooks and most e-readers.) For £15 you get both!