Commissioned work has been a part of my practice since the very beginning. Each piece is a labour of love, developed through thoughtful dialogue with the client. Every commission has challenged and inspired me in a different way. In my design process, simplicity and space is always the focus. I strive to communicate as much as possible with the most minimal of forms, stripping the design back to its barest essentials, opening it up to deeper reflection, interpretation and meaning.

I offer standard sizes at the prices below-

500mm x 700mm - £450.00
700mm x 1000mm - £750.00
1000mm x 1400mm- £1200.00

You can also request an individual quote for a bespoke price. Please note 500x700mm is the minimum size. Lead times vary but are between 8-12 weeks depending on the size. Bespoke sizes can take longer.

I also have availability for larger scale interior projects, please contact me for information regarding this.

Contact me via the form below to enquire, or email me directly at

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